Common CBD Questions and Answers

With an incredibly number of people now using CBD products such as CBD paste, oil and spray for an array of health reasons and purposes, today we are here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding CBD, with the ultimate intention of encouraging even more people around the world to take up the miracle substance. Here goes…

Popular CBD Questions and Answers


  1. Q) What is CBD?
  2. A) Cannabinol (CBD) is a compound of marijuana that is quickly becoming one of the key health substances. CBD is an analgesic, a neuroprotectant and has anti-inflammatory properties; however, unlike THC it is not psychoactive, allowing people to reap the health benefits without getting stoned.

  1. Q) What is CBD commonly used for?
  2. A) There are so many different ailments that can treated using CBD, it would be impossible to list them all. However, some of the most popular ailments CBD can be used for include chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, anxiety and depression, medication-resistant epilepsy, skin complaints and muscle soreness.

  1. Q) Does CBD show up on drug tests?
  2. A) CBD products that contain no THC whatsoever can be consumed in large quantities with no danger of it showing on a drugs test. This is because the majority of drugs tests used only look for the presence of the psychoactive cannabinoid – THC.

  1. Q) What types of CBD products are there available?
  2. A) With a high demand for CBD products around the world there are now so many different CBD product types to choose from. The most common types of CBD products include pastes, liquids, sprays and vapes, however there are many more available from CBD gummy bears and edibles to CBD patches designed to take pain away.

  1. Q) Can I buy CBD online in England?
    A) You can now buy CBD products safely and securely online, however it is important to ensure that you use a trusted provider such as Happy CBD.

These are only some of the most frequently asked questions surround CBD too! If you have any other questions that you would answering, do not hesitate to contact a provider of CBD today who will not doubt be delighted to assist you.