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Best Selling Imported Hair care & Styling Products

Top Imported Hair Styling and Hair Care Products

Hair care or even styling your hair is no longer a luxury. They are a necessity!

Don’t believe us? Look at the figures: By 2025, the global hair care market will be worth a whopping USD 211.1 billion. The trend portrayed within these statistics is mainly towards hair regrowth and hair colour, especially in the male grooming segment.

We’ve made a list of the top 10 international levelled hair styling and hair care products. And guess what? Most of the items on our list are again from the male hair growth segment. Presenting a list of top global Beard Grooming Kit For Black Men that you’ve been waiting for all your life.


Presenting a list of top global hair styling and hair care products that you’ve been waiting for all your life.

1) Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth For Men

Kirkland Minoxidil is hot in the market and seems to be catching up when it comes to men’s hair grooming products. Yes, it takes time for miracles like these to work which is why they provide a 6-month supply in the value deal. It works best on the crown area where usually men lose their hair first, which is impressive. Positive results have earned the Kirkland Minoxidil some rave reviews online and a pretty loyal customer base too. 

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2) Do Vitamins Vitabeard – Facial Hair Supplement – Beard Growth Vitamins For Men

Do Vitamins Vitabeard has the first mover advantage of being the original facial hair growth multivitamin. The Vegan and Non-GMO qualities not only do the job of accelerating new hair growth, but it also protects the facial tissue that is delicate. This third party tested product is a winner in our books and of course, in the books of those sporting healthy, full beards.


3) Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

This hair curler is so famous that the top shopping websites are only allowing one piece per person! Its ceramic body and ionic technology work together to create dreamy waves and salon styled curls. Curl your way to adoration! It’s super easy with the Kiss Instawave Automatic Hair Curler.


4) Rogaine For Men Hair Regrowth Treatment 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol

This is another product for men which concerns hair regrowth, designed for the balding spot on top of the head. This easy-to-use foam product is not for the receding hairline but works pretty well for the crown area, according to the reviews. Its popularity is evidence enough of its effectiveness and revitalizing abilities. It’s a thumbs up from us as well!


5) Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil

Here’s a hair growth product with more than one benefit to offer. This living strong roots oil seems as potent as its name. Not only does it enhance growth but it also cures issues of the core by clearing dandruff or a bad scalp condition and slows down the graying process. That’s some effective natural remedy!

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6) Beardilizer Facial Hair Growth Complex For Men

Beardilizer Facial Hair Growth Complex is known for curing dryness or itchiness in the beard and the moustache area. It fixes weak facial hair growth, and it has botanical extracts infused in it. What else do you need? You need 90 capsules and an intensive ten days to get a luscious, full and healthy beard.

As you may have noticed, it’s mostly about hair growth, revitalizing, and treatment for the boys. This trend gives us insight into two sides of the coin, one which stems from the growing number of men experiencing premature balding. We can blame that one on the increasing stress levels due to work, harsh chemicals and pollutants. The second side of this hypothetical coin, however, shows us a side of the modern man who is more aware of his appearance and desires to look better and hence has started making some effort towards it.