Hair Loss

All the things you need to know about DR Batra’s STM cell treatment.


It is a fact that hair fall is a very frustrating and depressing thing to deal with. You might make necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle habits to help cure it. You might drop your alcohol and smoking habits, you might go for more green on your plate than junk and you might start giving your weekly oil massage an extra 5 minutes. However, in some cases and situations, home remedies might not reflect any positive results at all. Instead of experimenting with different kinds of home remedies and making the situation worse, it is best to seek medical help.

Why Dr. Batra’s?

When it comes to haircare, one name that may pop up instantly in your mind might be Dr.Batra’s clinic.

Dr.Batra’s clinic is world renowned for its reputation of giving the best results when it comes to services and providing hair fall solution in health care industry such as skincare, haircare, homeopathy etc. Dr.Batra’s clinic has always been known for introducing groundbreaking technologies and therapies to help people cure their skin or hair related problems. When it comes to hair growth Dr.Batra already offers a set of Therapies and surgeries such as Gro-hair, Instant-hair and hair transplant.  To add to the goodness, Dr. Batra’s Clinic has now introduced STM Cell therapy as well.

STM Cell Therapy

When it comes to choices of hair transplant therapies, Stem cell therapy is considered to be one of the most effective options. Stem cell hair therapy does not involve any surgery and does not run the risk of any side effects as well.  The Stem cells which are already present right in the middle of the follicle ensure the constant supply of cells. This helps the multiplying of hair cells which eventually cures hair loss and baldness fast and efficiently.

So what are the benefits of Dr.Batra’s STM Cell Treatment?

  1. This is a revolutionary approach to curing hair loss which has been brought into India by Dr.Batra’s and this works exceptionally well as an ideal hair loss treatment for men.
  2. The concept works on the stem cells which helps promote healthy hair growth within 6 weeks of treatment.
  3. The procedure causes negligible to no pain at all.
  4. It holds no risk of side effects.
  5. It helps restore the cellular multiplication and cellular growth by vastly improving the overall blood circulation.
  6. STM cell treatment helps restore the original size of the hair follicles and also treats hair thinning.
  7. STM cell treatment is suggested to patients of grade 3 and 4
  8. The whole treatment lasts for 10 weeks, one session per week.


Dr. Batra’sis a renowned name in the field of providing standard services to all its clients and surpass their expectations. The team at Dr. Batra’sis more inclined towards incorporating the changes in the latest trends and involving the innovations to ameliorate the quality of therapies and treatments given to the patients.