Wide- ranging role of a child doctor

What is a child doctor?

 A child doctor also known as pediatrician is medical professional who specializes in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses as well as diseases in children. He treats children till they reach about 11 years of age.  In order to become a child doctor you need to first complete four years of medical college. After this you have to do residency in pediatrics which takes about 3 years. If you have completed your education from the best medical colleges and have a lot of experience in the field, you become the best pediatricians in Mumbai. Best pediatricians are hugely sought after because of their competence and dexterity. A good pediatrician is sensitive to the needs of the patient and his family. He has a friendly and flexible attitude towards children.

Children just like adults have emotional as well as health needs. All parents want the best for their children. This is the reason they want to consult the Best pediatrician in Mumbai. Parents sometimes find it tough to choose the Best pediatrician in Mumbai.

 This decision can be little easy if you know what all qualities you should look for in the best pediatrician.

 Basic qualities of   a good pediatrician

  • Education from a reputed medical college
  • Experience of treating countless children
  • Friendly and extrovert personality
  • Helpful and considerate
  • Adopts a holistic as well as comprehensive approach towards illness
  • Meticulous and methodical
  • Persistent and thorough
  • Positive inter-personal and communicative skills
  • Comfortable to deal with

 Services offered by the Best pediatricians

 Pediatricians offer complete medical care of infants, children and adolescents at various levels. Best pediatricians in   Mumbai offer following services:

  • Evaluation and overall monitoring of child’s growth patterns,
  • Educating parents about safety concerns of children
  • Educating children  about importance of hygiene and exercise
  • Educating mothers  about breastfeeding,
  • Immunization schedule
  • Detection and treatment of developmental disorders
  • Detecting behavioral changes as well as disorders ,
  • Diagnosis of common medical issues like ear infections, flu etc
  • Prescribing proper medications for treating illnesses
  • Offering right counseling as well as guidance

 Need for the Best Pediatrician

  Parents desire best medical guidance as well as treatment when the question of their child’s health crops up. Best pediatrician in   Mumbai offers best care and treatment to children with wide array of disorders. The job of a good pediatrician is quite wide and all- embracing. Besides taking care of physical health of a child they also have to handle emotional well being. There has been rampant rise in emotional issues amongst children as well. Also, as children are not able to express themselves there is a need of a child doctor who can understand their problem without being explicitly told about the same. Before you choose a pediatrician make sure he is easily accessible so that you will not face any issue when contacting him in times of emergency.