What To Do When You Find Signs Of Dandruff?

One of the common issues that annoy the most is dandruff. No one loves to have white powder in hair and on the shoulders. By checking signs of dandruff symptoms, one can quickly know that he/she need treatment. Many home remedies are available out there to resolve the issue. But, knowing the reason behind is important and requires your attention. Let’s get started with knowing the symptoms –

  • If you have flakes of skin from small to the large size of white color as well as greasy and yellow, then it is dandruff.
  • Even the itchy flaking appearing on the scalp, eyebrows, and beard and around every hairline, ear, nose and such other places is dandruff.

These are two common ways to figure out dandruff, and surely it is easy to find. If you find any sign of dandruff, then it is better to know the reason.

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Reasons behind Dandruff

There can be many reasons behind dandruff and the most common reasons for dandruff are –

  • If you are not shampooing your hair enough, then chances of getting the dandruff are higher. The primary reason behind this issue is that the dead skin buildup there and it start causing issues.
  • Sometimes the oily skin can be the reason behind dandruff. It is a frequent issue and when it occurs, the skin of scalp, eyebrows, behind the years, breastbone start flaking white color.
  • Dry skin can be due to many reasons. If you are not entirely washing off hairs and the chemical or other product is still in the hair. It can soak up on your scalp in couple hours and start causing itching, and small flakes of the skin occur.
  • Sometimes, the ingredient of a product doesn’t suit your skin type. It can start making your skin drier, and it is also a reason behind dandruff. In such conditions, you need to contact dermatitis.

These are some of the common causes of dandruff, and you can easily eradicate by various methods. From using home remedies to the use of reputed brand’s anti-dandruff product, each one can eradicate all the issues with ease.

Other factors

Reasons behind dandruff apart, there is a risk factor which can be with you that lead to dandruff more than usual. People who are getting aged tend to have higher chances of getting dandruff. Mainly, dandruff starts occurring in the adult age, and it continues to middle age.

Mostly males face more dandruff issue than female. The reason is male hormones. Even if you keep the hair oily as well as scalp too, then dandruff start causing issues. If you have any sort of illness, then dandruff is high on your scalp. Such people can find signs of dandruff symptoms easily.


If you are using anti-dandruff shampoos and such other products, but you can’t find any of good results, then it is better to prefer dermatitis. And, you should check out the ingredients of a product to never end up buying a wrong one.