What is anxiety like?

Anxiety is the feeling of suffering extreme worry or fear which can affect everyday situations massively. It is not a disorder to be taken lightly, it’s affects can be devastating, with effects such as panic attacks, headaches, frequent urination, insomnia, depression… the list continues. If you know someone who is suffering from anxiety, it is best to understand what they are thinking and the way in which they are experiencing the world – this will help you to empathise and be able to support them.

Some people will say that anxiety is the feeling that something isn’t right, and that your mind will play tricks on you to convince you that it isn’t – and that everything is wrong.

The problem with this is that it affects your ability to assess the seriousness of a situation, your brain instantly shouts DANGER! RUN AWAY! At the first sign of any threat, you are in a sense hyper activated.

You constant worrying leads you to be depressed because you begin to hate yourself because you are continuously scared that you are worried. Depression can lead you to want to isolate yourself to hide away from the world – you are too ashamed to be around people. You tend to feel like you’re alone in illness and that people won’t understand.

People who are suffering from anxiety and similar issues will often seek help from counselling, and psychotherapy services, or even check themselves into private rehab in order to gain access to reliable and successful treatment.

Some people find that they find it difficult to be in large crowds, she knows that the world is a big and dangerous place, it will make her feel trapped, and her mind tells her that this is an existential threat. She has to plan the exact route of where she needs to go at all times so that she doesn’t get lost as well as avoiding routes that lead to something that could mean a potential car accident. This all sound a bit extreme, but people have similar thought processes when they are suffering anxiety.

Anxiety can make you feel like your mind is on fire, overthinking and overanalyzing everything. Thoughts run in different directions and continue to bump in to one another. There are times when your mind feels like it’s out of control and you are not mentally present or able to easily make decisions. A voice tells us that something is wrong constantly. When you have a lot of trouble sleeping, it can feel like your mind is completely switched ‘on’ and can’t be turned off easily!  It makes you toss and turn -the body feels tired, but the mind is awake. The best way to support someone with anxiety is to take feelings seriously and let them know that you will be there for them. Anxiety is linked with issues like depression, addiction and such, for this reason it is treated at alcohol rehab and other addiction centers, as well as places centered purely on mindfulness and mental wellbeing.