Hair Loss

What Are the Best Hair Restoration Options?

If you are experiencing hair loss, it can hurt your life by lowering your confidence. You don’t have to let hair loss affect you this way. Fortunately, there are lots of options to replace the hair you have lost.

For those with hair loss, the most effective option to replace it is a hair transplant. However, not everyone wants to undergo surgery to deal with their hair loss. This is especially true for those who have mild hair loss.

For anyone looking for alternatives to surgery, here are some other hair replacement options you can turn to.

Medications to Treat Hair Loss

There are two popular medications you can take to treat your hair loss. The first is Rogaine, also known as minoxidil. Rogaine is an over-the-counter medication that you can buy at any pharmacy without a prescription. It is a topical cream that you rub right into your scalp. Minoxidil has been shown to slow down the rate of hair loss and even reverse it in some cases.

The other popular medication to treat hair loss is Propecia. It is a pill that is taken daily to regrow hair loss. Two-thirds of the men who take Propecia will experience regrowth of their hair. To save money, you can get a generic version of Propecia. The generic name for the medication is finasteride.

ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration

This is a new kind of hair transplant procedure (ARTAS) that is not invasive like typical hair replacement surgeries. Robotic hair restoration will replace hair in your head without the need for stitches or scarring. It is one of the most effective means to replace hair loss permanently. See how much it costs.

Hair Masking

One of the most ineffective means of treating hair loss, hair masking is the use of masking materials like spray-on fibers and makeup to cover the bald patches. This fix can usually be spotted by others and is obviously only a temporary solution to hair loss.

Wigs and Hairpieces

The original method of treating hair loss is still one of the most popular. Wigs and hairpieces can be very effective if you are willing to shell out the money for a high-quality model. The best toupees are made from human hair, which costs a pretty penny.

The synthetic wigs are much better than they used to be though. Even after you buy them, you still have to pay to get hairpieces cleaned and maintained. They also can be hard to handle during the hot summer months when the humidity level rises.

Plasma Rich Platelets (PRP)

The PRP in your blood are the main component your body uses to heal wounds and tissue damage. To treat hair loss, doctors can inject PRP into your scalp. After they are injected, the PRP will go to work restoring your hair loss.

The platelets encourage circulation and increased follicle growth. With regular PRP injections, you can regrow the hair you have lost and avoid losing more hair.

As you can see, there are many hair loss restoration options available. If one does not work for you, try the others. With a little experimentation, you will find a method or combination of methods that work to restore your hair loss.