Unhealthy lifestyle leading to erectile dysfunction

They say with the development of society, with the advancement of technologies we are keeping our bodies at stakes, the lifestyle which we are living is harming us more then we think about it. There are many dangerous side effects which our body goes through because of increased tension, unhealthy lifestyle and whatnot; one such situation is erectile dysfunction. Earlier this problem was mostly faced by the senior citizens or the elderly men but nowadays even the youth is facing the same problem, but thanks to the medical development there are many such medicines available in the market which can help to co-op.  The most commonly used medication for erectile dysfunction is Viagra, this medicine is rapidly growing and each day more and more people are using this drug to help them in their time of need.

What is Viagra

Even though at the very starting Viagra was used for the treatment of hypertension but now it is also used for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction. Viagra is used as a medicine to cure erectile dysfunction, hers how it works. The person who is facing the problem of erectile dysfunction needs to take the medicine prior to the sexual act and then, it helps to cure the problem by giving an erect penis for a certain period of time.

It is easily available for online buy, and when you buy such things online, apart from purchasing it, you can also gain all the additional knowledge about Viagra and what dosage you need to take.

Effects of viagra

Viagra might help men who can’t accomplish a proper erection because of erectile brokenness/dysfunction. It enhances the erectile reaction when a man is officially sexually stimulated, yet it doesn’t furnish sexual incitement. Though if there is no sexual stimulation, Viagra won’t fill in

When sexual incitement occurs, nitric oxide may be discharged by those sensory systems in the erectile tissue of the penis. Nitric oxide fortifies a chemical that produces delivery person cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). CGMP makes the courses in the penis with dilating so that those veins and the erectile tissue fill with blood. An erection comes about. cGMP is prevented from becoming degraded as Viagra keeps it flowing, and as a result, the men can have an erection.

Even though this medicine is now widely used all over the world, to cure such a mental agony which men may experience due to lack of sexual life. But still it has some side effects too, on very rare occasions it has been observed that it can cause headaches, sensitivity to light, compromised vision,  nasal congestion etc. But sometimes it can also lead to painful, long-lasting erection, an erection which won’t go away, so in situation like these, proper medical attention has to be given. This list of advantage and side effect of Viagra does not end here; there are many more such things which have to be known before its consumption which can be easily found just by clicking to the link, where all the necessary information is provided.