Understanding the hormonal pills

A growth hormonal pill is released by pituitary gland in the brain. Most of the hormones which are present in the body are released by the glands. There is one of the most important glands present in the human brain – pituitary gland. Upon instructions from hypothalamus, the pituitary releases these hormones. In the puberty stage of male or female, a large amount of growth hormones are released for a short period of time, but when one starts aging, the release of this pill is slowly reduced and stopped. Thus, doctors prescribe these medicines to elder people too; in order to keep their bones and tissues strong. The pills aims to improve body stature, voice quality, height, weight, body fluids, rate of metabolism, muscle and bone strength, and other hormonal conditions.

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Human growth hormones are prescribed by doctors for patient’s medical conditions such as birth defect of growth or accident to part of brain responsible for releasing these hormones. Apart from this, if you are an athlete, you would have definitely heard about the usage of this term. This is very popular in sports industry and among fitness trainers. These are not steroids but can be consumed in combination with them. It is also used as a cheat tool for many athletic performances. Thus, many countries have banned their usage too.

How does Human growth hormone work?

Like the name suggest, human growth hormone is responsible for promoting growth. Like mitosis and cell separation; the growth hormones cause cell regeneration, replenish them and help a human body to sustain the wear and tear. The three important elements which are present in the hormones are amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The amino acids play a pivotal role in the growth of muscles and bones. They cause protein synthesis and thus, muscles are developed. The higher the amount of amino acid, the better. It has been discovered that, here are twelve different types of amino acids available in the naturally formed human growth hormone. The pituitary gland releases these chemicals. When a person uses a supplement or enhancer, the pituitary gland releases more amounts of growth hormones in the body. Check out the pictures of HGH users faces here know more about the after effects and how human growth hormone works.

How does HGH help to grow taller?

HGH basically works in 2 types.

  1. As the hormone is produced in pituitary glands, it is absorbed by the hormone receptors at many target points and they help to recover/grow. This happens while we are sleeping.
  2. HGH is absorbed by the liver to control the blood sugar levels. A deficiency of HGH means that bones do not get the required hormone for their growth and hence, there is a lack of increase in the height.  

Hence, HGH is not a steroid. It is only taken with some anabolic steroids that help to increase their strength. HGH is considered to be a steroid but it is only a hormone produced naturally in the body.