The Five Cardinal Rules to be Followed Post Dental Implant Surgery

Every dental procedure carries one or more risk factors along and dental implants are no exception. However, the effectiveness of the treatment and the affordable dental implants cost has allowed many individuals to safely have their missing tooth replaced.

Problems after dental implants in Sydney are rare and when they occur they are easily treatable in most cases. Follow the below set of rules post the dental implant surgery and experience a smooth recovery process.

Rule 1: Relax and say “NO” to any strenuous activity post-surgery

There is mild bleeding after dental implants procedure and since the process causes pressure on the jawbone, swelling is normal too. To keep the bleeding and swelling under control, it is best recommended to keep activities to the minimal level post the dental surgery. Allow yourself a day or two to relax and stay away from the gym too. If your work involves strenuous physical activity or operating heavy machinery, wait for two days before you get back to work.

Rule 2: Follow every word of caution mentioned by your dentist

The most critical rule is to follow the doctor’s instructions without fail. From the recommended dental practices to the prescribed drugs, you must follow every piece of advice for smooth recovery and for the prolonged life of your teeth implants in Sydney. If you witness any abnormal pain, swelling or increased level of discomfort then call your dental practitioner without any delay.

Rule 3: Follow an appropriate diet

After the surgery, start with soft foods like yoghurt, smoothies, soups, pasta and so on. Avoid crunchy food items like carrots, chips, nuts must be avoided. When you start to feel comfortable with the tooth implant in Sydney, focus upon food items that can aid in quick recovery of the implant site. Green tea, salmon, peanut butter and dairy products are some of the healthy items that you must include in your diet. Cut out on caffeine and limit your alcohol consumption too.

Rule 4: Stay hydrated

Hydrated tissues heal easily and reduce the chance of further complications. Drink about 6 to 8 glasses of water every day post-surgery and cut down on items that may cause dehydration.

Rule 5: Avoid too much pressure on the surgery site

It is a good idea to inspect the surgery site regularly and to ensure that are no potential traces of infection or other complications. However, it is also important to ensure that the implant site heals by itself without being poked or touched or messed up with. Healing of the wound happens with time and patients must give the time and space for the teeth implants in Sydney to set in and feel like a natural part of the mouth.

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