Steroid Cycle Guideline for Better Results

A lot of people use steroids for various purposes. Body builders use anabolic steroids for muscle mass growth, athletes use it for strength and stamina, obese people use it for weight reduction and some fall in the category of recreational use. Whatever said and done, steroid use should be tightly monitored and controlled, else the consequences could be disastrous rather than beneficial. Some specific jargons play well with the steroid community and it would be better to know them. These are called the stacking and cycling the drugs so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the side effects. Even if one strictly follows the dosage limits, side effects can’t be avoided, only minimized.

General Guidelines using Steroids

It should be noted that steroids, by definition alters the levels of thehormone in the body. Hormones are secreted by glands, carried in our blood supply. These aresignaling chemicals which regulate the physiology and behavior of thebody. Most of the steroids used by body builders and athletes fall into the category of anabolic steroids. These steroids help in increasing the muscles of the body and giving strength and stamina. By observing the growing muscle and size of these people, even youngsters are tempted to try them. As a thumb rule, if one is less than 25 years old, they should not try steroids of any kind as this is the time, hormones are secreted in large quantities. Any alteration leads to ill effects. Experienced users follow advanced bodybuilding cycles for mass muscle development with strong doses whereas those who just start with steroidusemild dosages.

Cycles and Stacking

Beginners of steroid should start with a mild dose, preferably Testosterone only. This is due to the fact that their body is having it in abundance at this age and a slight increase might not drastically alter the physiology. Advanced users might combine more than 1 steroid for varying effects. For example, Stanozolol is a muscle growing drug and Clenbuterol is a fat reduction drug. When both of them are combined, the result is a much better muscle growth but a lean one. It gives the users a clear and clean look. This is called as stacking. Since these drugs are mostly harmful, they are used for a period of time, like 4-8 weeks and then stopped. This allows the drug to wean off from circulation and allows the body to come back to its normal state. The other benefit is one will not get addicted to the drug and its effects.

Safety and Side Effects

Side effects are part of a steroid user and they cannot be avoided altogether, but only minimized or controlled. One should know the risk vs reward before even starting on steroids. Some common side effects are men acquiring female qualities, females acquiring male characteristics, acne, excess hair fall or growth, high BP, heart issues, fertility issues, cancer and mood changes. Other medicines can be taken to reduce these ill effects. A beginner should not use the advanced bodybuilding cycles for mass muscle development as they might face serious consequences in the initial stage itself. A consultation with the physician is the best course of action before even its used.