Stanozolol before and after benefits & results

Stanozolol is the generic name of Winstrol and it is sold under the brand names such as Winstrol, Winstrol depot, Stanozolol depot. This DHT derivative was developed in 1962. Stanazolol is prescribed by the physician to treat angioedema, which causes swelling in the face, genitals, bowel, throat. It is prescribed as a rare case to treat anemic conditions. Bodybuilders, athletes use this famous anabolic drug to increase strength and enhance muscle mass in an unimaginable way. Weight lifters, power lifters often use Stanozolol to improve their strength and muscle mass. Before going to handle the drug, if you see Stanozolol before and after results, you may understand about the drug comprehensively.

The drug’s impact:

Stanozolol is a synthetic version of male hormone testosterone that is responsible for the development and maintenance of secondary male sex characters. The drug is completely banned in the United States of America and other countries, but still, it is loitering in the bodybuilding market. Stanozolol before and after results will not be the same for every individual. It depends on various factors such as age, dosage, dosage strength, weight, any compounds are combined with the main ingredient.

Stanazolol important effects are improved physical power without huge gains in mass, makes the body more efficient, helps in getting lean and hard muscle, gives a perfect athletic performance, increases agility and does not pump the water weight.

Stanazolol in short cutting cycles yields positive results, whereas the same should be avoided in bulking and longer cycles. The long term usage of the drug results to joint pain which the athletes refer as “DRY” joints. During the short cycle, the pain can be endured and in the long term usage, the drug imposes more strain on the joints and makes the joint damage. That’s why most of the weight lifters, power lifters stack Stanazolol with Deca Durabolin / Nandrolone Phenylpropionate to alleviate joint pain.

Stanazolol dose:

The before, after result of the users, vary according to the drug’s strength. 15-25 mg is a recommended dose in the oral form, 25-50 mg per day is desired by some people in the injectable form. 5-15 mg per day in enough for female athletes. When either the dose is increased or combined with other drugs to suppress estrogenic, androgenic traits, there may be adverse side effects experienced. Visit for more information.

Downside effects of Stanazolol:

The most serious side effect of Stanazolol is the liver damage. Though users safeguard their liver with N2 Guard and other supplements still the drug has an impact on the liver from mild to fatal damage. Nausea, vomiting, yellowing of the eyes, yellow color urination, abdominal pain and the cited side effects indicate the early symptoms of liver damage. Edema, dyspnea, continuous erection, breast tenderness and voice changes are the other side effects. Changes in the libido, restlessness, anxiety, acne, headaches, and insomnia are most the common downside effects. When compared to other AAS Stanozolol side effects are milder and the before after pictures will be jaw-dropping. Read to know about Stanazolol before after results.