The Proper Temperature Of Synthetic Urine And How To Keep It

Synthetic urine really is a thing. It’s usually used to pass drug tests, and its popularity is ever on the rise. While it’s not OK to smoke pot on the construction site, having a joint after work shouldn’t cause you to lose your job because of a random drug test.

Synthetic urine mimics the visual and chemical properties of real urine. You can buy it in smoke and sex shops or online. People who use synthetic urine, also use special tools like temperature strips to improve their chances. It must meet certain criteria to pass the test, such as containing urea, creatinine, and nitrates and temperature between 90 to 100°F (32 to 36°C).

In order to use it, the biggest problem is ensuring that it has the right temperature when providing it (at the time of the test). A real urine sample is normally about 91 degrees F. Failing to provide urine at that temperature can cause you to lose your job or even freedom, because you might even face jail time depending on the laws in your country or state. So, keeping the proper temperature of synthetic urine is very important mission.

How do I make sure my pee has the proper temperature?

Option 1 – Use your body heat

Use the heat of your body to warm the sample. If you are a man, keep the sample near your genitals, because that’s the warmest part of your body. You can put it right in your underwear. Women can also put it there, as well as under the armpits depending on how noticeable the sample is.

Option 2 – Hand warmers

These small packets emit heat for a period ranging from one to ten hours. You can buy them almost everywhere, especially in winter. Wrap the hand warmer around the container with a fake urine sample, attach with elastic bands and let it warm up. Before handing it in, test the temperature – it should be between 90 and 100 degrees F (32 to 36 °C as noted above). This is why people who buy fake urine get temperature strips– they are the best way to test the temperature of the synthetic urine. All manufacturers include them into their kits.

Option 3 – Use the microwave

This can be tricky – leaving it there too long can make the sample too hot or even destroy it. It should not stay in the microwave more than 10 seconds. Again, use a temperature strip to check the temperature of the fake urine at once. If you are at work, you need to make sure you aren’t noticed.

Many of the top rated companies that sell synthetic urine have thermometers on the outside of the bag that will indicate exactly how warm the urine sample is, so you know whether it is necessary to heat it up at all. The best fake pee providers will offer everything you need to make sure you pass the drug test, including instructions how to mix the urine (sometimes in comes in powder form), how to store the bag, and everything else you need to know.