Massage Therapy to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

We live in a fast-paced competitive world where we go through several hectic situations that put huge stress on our mind and body. Luckily we have Albuquerque massage therapist who can provide a relaxing massage that can rejuvenate our mind and body and prepare us to take on challenges that await us in the future.

Unique benefits of massage therapy

Today a large number of people visit massage Albuquerque facility to experience the benefits of massage therapy which includes stimulating the healing of wounds, relieve stress from the mind, improve the whole immune system, and elevate muscle and joint movements. The benefits of massage therapy don’t end here. Many people have also benefited from mobile massage Albuquerque service provided in comfort of their own homes. The massage therapies work to provide relief pain from different ailments where modern medicines failed to provide relief. Here is the list of some useful massage therapies that everybody can benefit from.

Hot Stone massage therapy

 The hot massage therapy is effective in providing relief from muscle and joint pain. It relaxes your body and eases tense muscles thereby providing a way to heal damaged soft tissues throughout your body. The hot stone massage therapy uses basalt stones which are volcanic rocks capable of retaining heat. The stones are heated to temperatures between 130 and 145 degrees and placed on specific parts of your body depending on the ailment that is being treated.  Besides providing relief from chronic pain, the stone massage therapy performed by Albuquerque massage therapist also helps in regaining strength and motion.

Swedish massage

If you are looking for a massage therapy to relax your entire body, Swedish massage is just right for you. According to experts at massage Albuquerque facility, the Swedish massage stimulates circulation, relieve pain, release tight muscles, restore range of motion, and flush toxins out of the circulatory system. A Swedish massage therapy can last for 75 to 90 minutes as it gives the therapist additional time to work on the tissue. The Swedish massage can be gentle or vigorous depending on what the treatment aims for.

Thai Massage

 It is one of the oldest massage therapies known to be practiced by Buddhist monks around 2500 years ago. The massage therapy involves gentle pressure and passive stretching along the body’s energy lines to balance body’s different systems, improve flexibility, release joint and muscle tension.

Shiatsu massage

According to Albuquerque massage therapist, the Shiatsu massage therapy is known to originate from Japan and has been part of Chinese medicine since decades. The theory behind Shiatsu massage therapy is the human body is made of energy and the pain and suffering we go through is mainly due to energy getting blocked due to many reasons. The Shiatsu massage technique involves using pressure with hand, thumbs, elbows, feet, or knees on different pressure points of the body.