Major benefits that come only after using genuine Rudraksha for a healthy living

Rudraksha has always been a sacred entity to the Hindu Religion in India. The Saints basically wore it and believes that it increases the spiritual power, power of positivity, Knowledge and many other things. Both men and women wear rudraksha beads and pray in the name of Lord Shiva. It is said that the one uses Rudhraksha mala necklace daily is again more spiritual and holy enlightenment in their life.

Origin of Rudraksha

According to Hindu mythology, Rudraksha came into existence when Lord Shiva was praying for the welfare of mankind. While he was praying his tears fell to the ground and from it the tree grew which blooms the fruit that looks like Blueberry. Once those fruits are dried, inside from it the Rudraksha beads are taken out. The tree in which it grows is known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus which remains evergreen. It is founded in the Himalayan region from India to Nepal. This tree also flourished in some parts of Southeast Asia.

Tibetan prayer beads are also there which takes back long in the history. Still, now the priests in Tibet are using it and getting the benefits. The mala beads come in the variance of faces. Every bead is having faces (mukh) ranging from 1 to 23. Each face has its own significance and it is believed that five face rudraksha malas help in blood circular.

Benefits of Rudraksha

  1.    It’s one of the common Buddhist payer beads. They used to wear it for attaining greater peace of mind. Wearing it has no side effects as people from ancient times are wearing it.
  2.    Changes the Karma into positive and also increases it.
  3.    Enlightens the mind and power of thinking with sharpening the mind.
  4.    Removes all the negative energy from surroundings and opens the path for success.
  5.    It’s much beneficial for meditation as it motivates the positive spiritual power and provides the ability for deep meditation.
  6.    Rudraksha keeps the body to keep a regular contact with the natural energy which is around us. This keeps the body healthy in any kind of environment.
  7.    Many researchers have been made and no negative points had been founded for these magnificent beads. Hence wearing it will only bring prosperous to the wearer.

Purchasing Rudraksha

The Rudraksha is present in the form of neck malas, mala bracelet, japa mala and in many other different forms. Purchasing it from the right place is very much important as there are others who are selling fake ones. It is important to buy rudraksha mala beads from genuine place whether you are going to buy one bead or full mala. Purchasing online is the best way of getting the hand on these amazing helpful beads.

Concluding points

The beads of rudraksha easily stay in a family for generations. One can also gift it to others as a way to show how much you care for them. Rudraksha has been there from ancient times and till now people use it as they all believe in its true natural power.