How to Style Pear Shaped Body – 10 Fashion Advice You should Follow

Pear shape is the most common figure for women. This means upper part of your body is narrow and part below your waist is the widest. One can be short, tall, obese or skinny and still carry a pear shaped body.

The ultimate fashion goal for a pear is to elongate one’s figure to look less heavy at the bottom. You must focus on balancing your hips and shoulders while flaunting your curves. Accentuating upper half will help you prevent attention on bottom half.

Understanding Pear Shape

The following characteristics define a pear shaped body:

– The waist is wider than bust

– Fuller hips

– Shoulders are narrow than hips

– Fuller rear

  1. Dark Bottom

Try wearing something dark and slimming on the bottom. You may go for slacks, dark colored jeans, knee length pencil skirt, A-line skirt etc. Keep the bottom solid (one color) and darker than the top.

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  1. Flatter the Top

Focus on directing attention to tops. So you can go for some funky prints, fun colors, and details at the neck. Avoid making your tops ending at hips as these tend to draw unnecessary attention there. Try choosing an attractive top and pair it up with flared pant. You may go for plunging V-necks, bell sleeves, cowl necks, and scoop necks.

  1. Add Accessories

    Statement accessories are a must have for pear shaped individuals. Go for chunky chokers and layered necklaces that hit right above bust. You may also wear earrings. Bigger ones are better. You can go for chandelier earrings, hoops, fringed ones, etc.
  2. Add Layers
    Adding layers is an important way you can accentuate your pear shape. Here, where the hem of jacket hits will make all the difference. A-line cuts are just made for pear shapes. You may also go for a piece of outerwear that hits the mid-thigh. Most pear shapes do well with boxy coats. A cropped style is cooler as it helps emphasize your waist.

  1. Tailored Bottom

Always choose clean, well-tailored lines for the bottom. For instance, you can go for flat front pants. If you are a skirt lover, look for flared or A-line skirt. You can pair it up with a striking selection of tops. Do not invest in side pockets, pleats, or anything that will add dimension to the area.

  1. The Belt Rule

If belts are your fashion tool, invest in slimmer ones. These should be of same color as your pants. Don’t go for wider belts. These will draw more attention to the area you wish to conceal. If you are wearing belt to a dress, make sure it sits higher at your waistline. Articles on women’s fashion magazine suggest that a top that gathers around the stomach will be great option for ladies with pear shaped body.

  1. Flaunt Shoulders

Shoulders are the most attractive and sexy part of a woman. It never shows signs of aging! So flaunt them. This style suits pear-shaped women a lot. Try wearing tops or dresses that expose one or both shoulders. Off shoulders, cold shoulders, and spaghettis are a great option. These tops tend to attract attention instantly. You may even wear tops with puffy or ruffled sleeves.

  1. Flared Bottoms

Go for pants or jeans with flare on bottom. These are trendy and draw the eye away from bottom. Flared pants also create flattering line for the entire body. Strictly avoid wearing tapered pants or capri. These styles divert attention to the hips.

  1. A Fitted Dress

Wear tunic tops or dress that fits well. However, don’t let these cling to your belly or hips. A proper fit will provide a very clean, elongating line. It also camouflages everything underneath. This style highlights your arms and upper body. You appear leaner and taller.

  1. Necklines

Choose to wear different necklines. You may experiment with v-neck, boat neck, deep cuts, accessorized and other styles to draw attention to neckline. If you are comfortable with deeper, more plunging neckline, go for it. The style elongates upper body and attracts attention upward.