How Kriya Yoga Returned to the World and Why You Should Practice It

Is it possible to achieve the absolute highest level of satisfaction and happiness within ourselves? A lot of people ask this question frequently. As our lives become more and more complicated and new things appear all the time, it can be tough to remember who we are and what brings us joy.

Kriya yoga is the answer. This represents an advanced form of meditation that liberates your body and soul, helping you focus on the things that matter to you the most. It unites multiple techniques and requires great discipline, which everyone can do if they want to cleanse themselves and rediscover their purpose. Luckily, there are places specifically designed for this purpose out there.

So, we’re here to answer the question ‘What is kriya yoga?’ from its beginnings to the benefits it provides? Stay with us and relax!

Lost and Found Again – Kriya Yoga’s History

It’s unbelievable, but kriya yoga’s beginnings are tied with the far past when people relied solely on their consciousness and mindfulness. Firstly, it was discovered in India by Lord Krishna, who introduced it in Bhagavad Gita. In his Yoga Sutras, Patanjali mentions it, as well.

However, the dark ages were terrible for everyone and everything, including this meditation approach. Luckily, later it was MahavatarBabaji that brought it back to the world and it remains still here. Moreover, LahiriMahasaya was the first one to openly speak about it and show it to people in the modern world.

Yet the one that actually presented kriya yoga and taught all people no matter their backgrounds, races, and nationalities to practice it is ParamahansaYogananda. The gurus picked him as worthy to go and spread kriya yoga across the western world, allowing more and more people to learn of its divinity and get a chance to cleanse their bodies and souls. To accomplish this, in 1920, Paramahansa set up the Self-Realization Fellowship.

Why People Practice Kriya Yoga

The fact is that kriya yoga is good for people on many levels; not only spiritually, but physically, too. For starters it changes your brain cells, enabling you to think more clearly and make decisions that benefit your mental state. To accompany this, your mind becomes more open o happiness and starts to let in only positive vibes and thoughts in order to cheer you up.

Aside from this, the meditation techniques increase your muscles’ flexibility, improving your overall health with an accent on your breathing. The more frequently you do it, the more liberated you’ll feel.

Finally, all those that have bad habits can get rid of them more easily thanks to kriya yoga. By opening up your mind to different possibilities it makes you think more reasonably along the way. All of this is with the aim of leaving you content and willing to continue living in full swing after you’ve completed the sessions.

Final Remarks

Does kriya yoga sound like something carved out just for you? If you answered ‘yes’, don’t hesitate even for a minute and head over to the closest sanctuary in order to start practicing it. All thoughts, opinions, and experiences on this matter are welcome and you can share them in the comments!