Get Visible Results with Minimum Side Effects

Anavar is an ultimate answer for all those performance oriented sportsmen. Be it for baseball, football player or any other sports Anavar or Oxandrolone is known to produce results which are helpful during the off-season. It is normally used to regenerate, maintain and repair the lean muscle tissues. Anavar does not help you gain significant muscle mass. In few cases mild side effects might occur, but if used sensibly eve these side effects can be avoided. It is one of the well-tolerated steroids amongst both male and female athletes. Female users trust this product fully as they can use it safely without facing any kind of serious consequences. But if you are in search of a mild steroid with a minimum side effect, then Anavar is a perfect choice.

Proper use of Anavar to get ultimate benefit

The before and after photos of weight loss results available on the internet gives you a clear picture of the results you can expect. This steroid should be consumed after a full course meal at a stretch of 6 to 8 weeks. You can start off with 40 to 50 mg initially then increase the dose by 10 mg every week till you attain the dose of 100mg. Anavar or Var can be consumed independently or along with other steroids, testosterone or health supplements. If you are aiming at muscle building then take it along with an anabolic steroid. It is one of those mild steroids, which is equally preferred by both men and women.

How it works in our body

Being a17-alpha alkylated DHT derivative, Anavar does not get converted into other hormones in your body like other steroids. This particular feature of Anavar thus allows you to consume in longer cycles compared to other steroids without any kind of interference with the testosterone level. This particular steroid also has minimum effect on other hormones like GH, FSH, LHRH, IGF-1 and GnRH. Anavar is known to stimulate the synthesis of phosphocreatine of the muscles which in turn releases a significant amount of energy. Another positive effect of this steroid is, it boosts the rate of metabolism thereby burning the excess fat in our body. Being a mild steroid, it is also gentle on your liver, especially when consumed as per the recommendation.

Buy good quality Anavar

If you decide to start using Anavar, then never fall into the trap of the underground labs, where they are available at a cheaper price. Such products are of poor quality, fake and not at all recommended. If you are inspired by seeing the photos of weight loss results in the various websites and long to have a similar kind of physique then always buy from a reputed outlet or online store where the product is well-researched and tested. You may have to pay a little higher price, but you can be rest assured of the quality of the product. Its side-effect friendly nature makes it one of the most trusted steroids amongst most athletes. So, get it today and build your self-confidence as a sportsman.