Get Rid Of That Excruciating Foot And Ankle Pain?

Feet hold a very important role in the body. They regulate the ground reaction force passed into the body and keep us balanced. They carry the whole weight of our body and becomes the impeccable biomechanical tool for bipedal locomotion. The difficult anatomical structure can sometimes be affected by any injury, or a disease (arthritis) inside the body or specifically in the foot itself. One must seek advice from his/her doctor immediately if any such situation arrives. We should not let any issue aggravate.

Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis

Foot and ankle pain is most often caused amalgamation of two key factors comprising of firstly the structural predisposition to disfigurement and secondly poor biomechanics. The problems are more usually disseminated throughout the lower locomotive chain starting from the pelvic girdle to the foot. Most disorders of the foot include joints and soft tissues like tendons, ligaments, muscles and fascias. The symptoms are typically blunt, profound, and painful, and persistent. For more details, you may visit the following link result for Get Rid Of That Excruciating Foot And Ankle Pain?

The diagnostic methods involve examining the clinical history of the patients and suggesting the tools like X-ray, ultrasonography, and MRI for visualizing the intricate parts of the foot (muscles, tendons, ligaments, plantar fascia). Scientists have even discovered gait (Gait is the definite pattern in which one walks or run) kinetics analysis machinery via video recording, where one can visualize the motion of the foot or the entire lower leg, the force/ pressure it is exerting on the ground and the shock absorption ability of the foot. From the recorded videos the doctor can differentiate between the normal and the different (abnormal) patterns. There is another technique called Surface Electromyography (SEMG), collaborated with Gait analysis to see how each muscle acts on walking. All these helps methods help to diagnose Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, hip dislocation, Medial arch ache, Shin splints, Stress fissures in the foot or leg, different forms of back pain, Ankle instability and pain, arthritis, and many other problems.

Treatment Techniques:

Previously, foot and ankle disorders had been treated without taking the upper locomotive parts into consideration. The treatment used to the analgesic (just to treat the pain, not the root cause) and passive. Doctors used steroids to treat the painful regions and use artificial devices to strengthen the weekend joints and muscles in the hope to re-align the parts of the foot into a more structurally functional system, but with limited motion. Now, with modern advancements like gait examination technology and nerve conductions analysis, doctors have paved their way to know the root cause of the pain and not just the site of referred pain, which may lead to confusion in detection.

The treatment approach involves manual foot massage, acupuncture, releasing the myofascial restriction by repetitive lubrication of the jammed areas to facilitate movement, lower leg simple exercises, and ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy using higher amplitude wave) to treat the affected area without invasive surgical protocols. You may see all the details at