Functional Fitness – Working Out In Real Life Situations

You might be hitting the gym every day, achieving that tight, muscled, fit and the drool-worthy beach body. You have been training for years at end, bench pressing, lifting the weights and all but is your body really ready for everyday activities? Lifting weights at the gym is one thing and having to lift 20kg suitcase 4 floors down will be another matter altogether. So, are you really prepared for that?

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Functional Fitness

This is where Functional Fitness steps in and is the latest gym buzzword. It is the latest form of exercising which prepares you for the daily real world situations. It is a form of exercising that takes you out of the machine induced mechanical training where you work out in a routine pattern working more on your muscles and stamina.

When we hit the gym, it is always for a specific time event, like New Year’s,or a wedding or Graduation and such and our focus is completely on the event rather than fitness. All wethink about is losing weight,toning upand getting slim but what our focus should be on is fitness and health. And Functional Fitness focuses on that – training for life.

What do we gain out of Functional Fitness?

A Functional fitness program embody these various variables,

  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination

In our everyday life, we are not going to be lifting weights or rolling on a BOSU ball. What you may need is strength and stamina to perform everyday tasks and chores like climbing down a fleet of stairs, lifting groceries, carrying a toddler in your arms, lifting your body on tip toes to take stuff out of a high closet draw and such. Functional Fitness is programmed to prepare your upper and lower body to work in sync and perform these tasks without breaking into a sweat.

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