Electronic Cigarettes: Their Beneficial Impact on Our Oral Health

Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes have widespread acceptance among smokers trying to give up traditional smoking. Documenting the myriad health hazards of traditional smoking within a confined space does remain a daunting prospect—cancer, lung damage, gum problems, stroke and what not! The electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, contain three important components including flavorings, diluents and nicotine (sans the harmful carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes).

Why are Electronic Cigarettes Regarded as Healthier Substitutes to Traditional Cigarettes?

Without the carcinogens, of course, electronic cigarettes are immediately regarded as healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Notably, the nicotine is actually made available in myriad doses varying from 0 to 36mg/ml. In that case, if you want you can actually select flavorings that are absolutely devoid of nicotine! While with these cigarettes you can actually cut down on the heart and lung risks, there are several gum benefits to be explored as well!

Vaping: What are the Oral Health Benefits to be Considered?

Today, in the course of the post, we’ll discover the various “gum benefits” of Nicotine Free Vape. There was a clinical study that involved 110 tobacco smokers who had just switched to electronic cigarettes. Dental experts went on to examine the vapers’ teeth after 60 and 120 days in order to track changes (if any) in oral health.

There were participants who actually smoked 20 cigarettes a day on an average. They witnessed their gum health improve substantially during the course of the study. Researchers who conducted this particular study – notably- found that the bacterial plaque on the teeth surfaces reduced on a constant basis. Other areas of oral health including gum bleeding also improved.

Then there was a self-assessment test, where participants actually admitted that smell and taste also improved. The researchers attributed the improvement to the fact that users were now resorting to the use of only nicotine and not tobacco. Though they weren’t really quite sure about it, they could gauge that the absence of tobacco did reduce its intense oral side-effects.

Make sure You’re Taking these Steps after Vaping

In spite of the obvious oral benefits that you might end up experiencing after switching to e-cigarettes, you should actually go on to take proper care of your gums after vaping – because quite frankly speaking, vaping still involves nicotine. Nicotine may not really be as harmful as tobacco but you should still be on your guard against minor risks.

Vaping is often associated with dehydration. So, if you are vaping you should follow it up by drinking lots of water. Doing this will help you keep your fluid levels topped up. Additionally, drinking water helps you keep your skin better as well. Make sure you are brushing regularly. It is important to maintain overall dental health.

It is also important to remember that e-cigarettes are available with varying degrees of nicotine. You can consciously select low or no-nicotine electronic cigarettes. This will help you stay sorted regarding your dental health. Make sure you’re keeping these points in view!