A Complete Guide on Invisible Braces

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is how much invisible braces treatment cost? Many adults would like straighter teeth but are put off by the thought of wearing conventional train-track style braces. So, how do you get straight teeth without wearing braces? Here’s where invisible braces comes to your rescue! The good news is the cost of invisible braces in Melbourne start at $1650 for both arches. Invisible Braces remain the best and most predictable way to straighten teeth and enable the patients to get the smile of their dreams without anyone else even knowing they are wearing braces. The aligners are removable but you should only take out them when you eat, drink or brush your teeth. This treatment will continue until you are ready to show off your new smile.

Benefits of invisible Braces:

  • Removable, giving you greater flexibility and allowing you to eat, drink and clean your teeth without any problems.
  • Comfortable to use it.
  • Invisible to others, enabling you to smile with confidence.

This treatment is designed for adults, and older teenagers who have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, spaces between the teeth, problems with the bite, but are not recommended when baby teeth remain. You should always keep in mind that there is no specific, set number of aligners. Everyone’s teeth are different and therefore require a different treatment plan.

The cost of Invisible Braces:

The cost of invisible braces is slightly higher than traditional metal bracing depending on the requirement.

The cost of invisible Braces depends on the following sections:

  • Initial consultation
  • Evaluation visit fees
  • Upper bracing
  • Lower bracing
  • Minor treatments complementing the bracing
  • Fitting/adjustments
  • Retention visits / observation
  • Removal

The Invisible braces cost in Melbourne is $4850 which includes everything you need for a sparkling smile.

Why you need Invisible Braces?

 Today about 20% of people where opting for invisible braces in Sydney. What’s the reason? It straightens the misaligned look and brings back your naturally beautiful smile back on your face. Invisible braces, a new age solution ensure that you can regain your self-confidence immediately and no one would know that you are under treatment. For all the above stated reasons, invisible braces are preferred over traditional braces in today’s world. However, wearing a brace might be an inconvenient procedure, but it brings shine to your teeth as long as you wear it.

So Why Pay Extra For Invisible Braces:

No need to pay more, anymore! Choose your best dentist who gives the proper care you need for your invisible braces. The good news is the Cost of invisible braces in Melbourne is too cheap compared to others and uses the best tooth alignment technology to brighten your smile.” Step by step and the thing is done.” So, say good bye to your tooth problems and construct a healthy smile.