Common Treatments for Common Fever and Pain

Out in the rain for too long and caught a cold? Without treatment at the right time, it went on to become a fever, and now you are in pain as well. This is what happens to kids and adults alike may be not in the same sequence, but in most cases, fever comes with pain. Common flu viruses are mostly untreatable as the virus mutates a lot faster than we can treat it. However, the common medications that we take are used to treat the symptoms and not the virus itself.

Home remedies for dealing with fever

In case of lower fever and one without pain, one should typically take proper rest and have good food such as fruits and vegetables along with plenty of fluids. Regular and low strength medicines can also be taken. Running a warm bath can also help relieve the fever.  Items such as chicken soup, tea, coconut water help with the same as well.

In case of high fever, along with rest and proper diet, one can also use damp cloths and place them on the forehead of the patient to help relieve the fever. High fevers would also require external medication.

Medication for Fever and cold

Like said, low-grade fever can be treated with low strength medications. However, in case of high fever, depending upon whether the fever is accompanied by a headache, body ache, dizziness, you can consult a doctor to get the right medicine for your fever. Common medications available over the counter include Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and aspirin. With medicines like Tylenol simply sleep and you can let the body rest for the next few hours to help the fever to come down.

Everything said and done; medication should always be accompanied by rest and proper diet to help you recover faster and get back to our busy lives.