Becoming a Spinning Class Instructor

Whether you are a fan of bicycles or someone looking to improve your exercise and workout routine, spinning provides an intense and convenient cardio workout. Spinning classes take place in gyms, fitness facilities and health clubs.

They are designed to mimic outdoor cycling on an indoor, stationary bike. Instructors of spinning classes lead the participants through a workout routine done completely on the bike. If you have a passion for cycling, attend group cycling classes regularly and love to drive and motivate your peers to reach their fitness goals becoming a spin instructor is the best thing that you could do!

If you have been a group fitness rider for a while, have your technique on point, role model fitness and have some understanding around musicality becoming an instructor can be a smooth transition. Spinning instructors receive specialized training that lets them safely and effectively lead classes. These tips will help you better qualify as a spinning class instructor:

  • Take Spinning Classes

The orthodox way to train to become a spinning instructor is to take the classes yourself. Choose several classes with different instructors so you can get a feel for the different ways instructors lead spinning classes. Taking classes will also give you a look at spinning from a student’s perspective, which will benefit you when teaching the classes.

  • Take Orientation Courses

Spinning, makers of Spinner indoor cycling and exercise bikes, offer the Spinning Instructor Orientation where interested participants learn how to become spinning instructors.

The workshops take place all over the country and will further enhance your knowledge of spinning and put you in a good condition to teach others. To find one near you, visit the Spinning website.

  • Enroll In Certification Training Classes

While not required for all instructors, certification from an official spinning organization gives you more credibility and makes it more likely that gyms, fitness centers and health clubs will hire you to teach classes. Several organizations offer spinning certification, including Spinning, the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and the Indoor Cycling Group. So while this isn’t a major requirement, it makes you more qualified than your contemporaries.

  • Prepare For The Certification Test

After completing orientation through the Spinning organization, potential instructors receive a Spinning Instructor Manual to help prepare them to take the assessment test. American Fitness Professionals and Associates send each applicant two instructional textbooks and four DVDs to study for the exam at home. The Indoor Cycling Group gives applicants access to all the test prep online. This Certification test is necessary for you to acquire the license to practice.

  • Take And Pass The Certification Test

Each organization that offers certification requires the candidate to take and pass an exam that measures his knowledge in spinning. The Spinning organization and the Indoor Cycling Group let candidates take the assessment online. Once they pass, they each confer their official certifications. American Fitness Professionals and Associates ask candidates to mail in their completed exams.

So having read through these tips, why not enroll in that certification class and help people attain physical and mental fitness today?