A visual guide to the differences between smoking and vaping – Staying aware

Regardless of whether you’re smoking blindly or you’re oblivious to the harm that cigarettes cause to your health everytime you smoke, you will always be in a state of denial regarding the negative impacts of smoking. In case you’re one among the 7 million smokers in the UK who are not being able to come to terms with their habit of smoking, there is a new experiment by the Public Health England which will tell you about the catastrophic upshots that your body will face when you constantly keep smoking.

In this guide, we are going to tell you about how cigarette smoking can cause injury to your health and to the different organs like your lungs, heart, throat or skin. Read on to know more.

Cigarette smoke and the harm caused to your health

As you’ve clicked on this post, it is most likely that you’ve already vaped and you’ve successfully ditched the habit of smoking. Nevertheless, you might still be smoking one or two cigarettes and you may still be acquainted with a circle of friends who are smokers. If your smoker-friends still believe that the difference between smoking and vaping is nothing but negligible, then you should acquaint them with the report published by the Public Health England. The consequences of smoking can be truly ghastly as the chemicals present in smoke are directly linked with cancer. Such is not the case with the vapour released from e-cigarettes.

How is vaping less harmful than smoking cigarettes?

Dr. Lion Shahab and Dr. Rosemary Leonard conducted an experiment where they used cigarettes worth a month and compared them to a month’s worth of e-cigarette vapour.  If you consider the cotton wool buds which are tar-laden and which left back the black residue, you will be startled by the harsh reminder that every time you light up a cigarette, you subject your bodies to numerous chemicals which cause cancer. On the other hand, the cotton wool buds which were met with vapour from e-cigarettes are unaffected apart from a nominal residue. This proves that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and they’ve got an added potential for the smokers to quit smoking.

It is indeed tragic that thousands of smokers who could possibly quit by taking to vaping are put off due to the inappropriate fears regarding safety. In case you know a smoker who doubts the abilities of an e-cig, tell him about what you know on these devices and how they assist in eliminating the bad habit of smoking.