A guide to weight loss: Habits and Medications

Who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy? To be in a perfect body that we dream of is nothing short of bliss. It not only increases a person’s confidence but also makes them live longer. The common saying is to stay away from anything sweet or spicy. The first part of this article speaks about the habits one has to build to achieve the perfect shape. The second part is a cheat code to achieve this quicker with some smart drugs. These drugs could be found on

The habits to be developed on the way towards fitness:

  1.    Water: Consuming lot of water on a daily basis is the foremost thing in the way towards healthy living. You could start your day by squeezing a lemon in hot water and having it.
  2.    Apple Cider Vinegar: Studies show that ACV has a lot of potential in the goal of weight loss. A tablespoon of ACV mixed with a glassful of water would lead to several health benefits.
  3.    Fruit and vegetable juices: Fruits and vegetables are the storehouses of many nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. Experts suggest a handful of fruits and vegetables is of utmost priority for a long life. If eating them makes you feel bored then you could prepare a juice of your favourite fruits and juices in a blender and have it.
  4.    Salads: Have you heard about the concept of calories? A packet of chips has up to 400 calories while salads wouldn’t have more than 10% of it. So preparing a vegetable salad instead of carbohydrates is recommended by fitness experts. But be careful while choosing the dressing to make sure it doesn’t add extra calories.
  5.    Yogurt: Greek yogurt or other types of it has much protein which is necessary when you are on diet. So don’t forget to add a source of protein either in form of yogurt or egg to your plan.

The cheat code: Smart drugs to get there quicker

Depending on your current level of fitness, it is necessary to ascertain the type of medicine that your body requires. While food acts as the engine to get there, these drugs are nothing short of the steering.

  1.    Body Mass Index: High.

Anything above BMI of 27 is said to be high. One of the reasons that cause high BMI is overeating or unconscious eating. The proper way to tackle this problem is by reducing the appetite. Our body has cannabinoid receptors that are responsible to make you feel hungry. Rimnobant or Accomplia solves the problem of appetite. Another alternative to this problem is Orlistat.

  1.    To normalize cholesterol levels:

People might appear to be fit, but might be having high levels of cholesterols. Often celebrities come across this problem and are taken by shock. Cipla manufactures a drug by the name of Accomplia that acts on the secretion of serotonin and noradrenaline. After being on this medication you would eat less frequently.

  1.    Increased Fat levels:

Fats are the main culprit in developing obesity. It not only takes on our confidence but also makes us suffer humiliation by reflecting on our body. Signature manufacturers a drug called Orligal which absorbs the fat from the food consumed before the body absorbs it. Phenamax is the other available drug that acts in a similar manner.

These drugs could be found in the store of online drug providers- rxshopmd. But the habits have to be developed by your willpower. Both these parts should go hand in hand before the effects start to get reflected.