A Brief Review Of The Apple Diet And How It Works

The apple diet is a simple diet plan that is highly nutritious. The plan seeks to help you obtain the many health benefits of apple fruits. So, basically, this wonder fruit will form a key part of your 3 main meals of the day for a period of 5 days.

On day 1, you’ll be required to survive on water and apples for the whole day. That is 2 apples for breakfast, 1 apple for lunch and 3 apples for dinner. Day 2 eases the pressure by introducing skimmed or soy milk in addition to the apples. In fact, you can include some veggies for your lunch time meal on day two.

From the third day of the apple diet to the fifth, you will add other food items to your menu. For instance, you will be required to add, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, dairy, and proteins. On day 3, you will have a healthy snack or drink before dinner. On day four and five you will be allowed to have two snacks in between lunch and dinner.

Please note that for the 5 days of the apple diet, you will be required to take a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the period of the diet. The water also helps to flush out toxins and fats from your body.

The recommended total calorie intake per day should be between 1000 and 2000 calories and not more than that.

Why Apples As The Main Meal Constituent?

An apple is a low-calorie fruit. Depending on its size, an ordinary apple has about 80 to 100 calories. There are many reasons why apples are chosen as the main constituent of this diet. First and foremost apples are very nutritious fruits. They contain minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, and dietary fiber.

Apples help in maintaining a good cardiovascular health, good brain function, they maintain the proper body fat percentage and help in fighting Alzheimer’s disease among other health benefits.

In addition, apples act as laxatives in the body. They contain fiber and thereby acting as agents of losing weight. Apples are very effective for losing weight, the fiber in the apple binds itself to fat molecules in your body. This releases the fat molecule from your body to the fiber. The fat molecule and fiber, which are bound together are then excreted from your body.

What’s more, eating an apple at every meal, for the 5 days, will keep your stomach satisfied and stop hunger cravings. The fibers in the apple make you full and feel less hungry and this limits your food intake – thereby preventing you from gaining any more calories.

Please consult your physician before undertaking any diet if you are on any kind of medication, pregnant, nursing or you have an underlying sickness.


The apple diet is a very simple diet that lasts 5 days only. It should be an easy diet to execute. What’s more, your body will be able to lose weight naturally owing to the many benefits this fruit offers among them – nourishing the body, fighting diseases and clearing up the toxins.

It’s no wonder the old proverb goes that “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”.