5 Workouts Personal Trainers Use to Whip Those Arms Into Shape

Arms are one of the most common target areas for gym workouts. If you want to see arm results worth showing off, adopt the moves personal trainers use.

  1. Standing Barbell Curls

With elbows at your hips, knees slightly bent and hands shoulder width apart, curl the bar using your chin as an aiming point. You can use both your nose and forehead as aim points too. Bicep curls don’t just work the biceps. They also help add more definition to the pectoral muscles.

  1. Tricep Press Down Extension

Using a bar or ropes, bring the bar/ropes down until they touch the top of your thighs while extending the arm completely. Make sure to keep the upper arm parallel with the abdominal/torso area. The main muscle targeted in this exercise are the triceps. Other muscles that benefit from this exercise are the forearms and lats.

3.Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Hold the dumbbells and place your feet shoulder width apart. Lift the dumbbells over your head carefully, using both hands. Once the dumbbell is in position, slowly and carefully lift the weight over your head fully extending the arms. This move mainly works the triceps. The workout also targets the forearms and lats.

  1. Concentration curls

Find a sturdy bench, sit at the edge and place a single dumbbell in one hand. Your arm should be fully extended (hanging toward the floor) and resting on the inner thigh of the side you are working at that time. Curl the dumbbell in a diagonal motion, aiming for the opposite side’s pectoral muscle. Squeeze the pectoral muscle at the top of the curl for a tighter finish. Use concentration curls to works the long lateral muscles.

  1. Bench Dips

For a tricep workout that uses body weight, find a sturdy exercise bench. Place your hands on the bench with your back turned. Put your buttocks as close to the floor as possible. Slowly lift your bottom off the floor and repeat. Continue this process for a many reps as you choose or until your targeted area begins to burn. This move also works the deltoids, pectoral muscles, rhomboids, and lats.

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