12 Belly Fat Facts You Never Knew!

Trying to reduce belly fat? Most people have a hard time achieving this goal. If you are wondering what makes belly fat the hardest part to lose, read on.

Here are 12 belly facts you need to know before aiming at a flat belly:

  1. Sipping Green Tea Does Not Burn Belly Fat

Although revealed as truth in controlled studies, the fact had been proven wrong in some of the largest analysis. Additionally, you need to guzzle around 7-10 glasses of green tea (home made without added sugar) to benefit from fat burning potential. Caffeine coming out of these glasses is hazardous for health and the weight loss results are insignificant.

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  1. No Special Diet can Reduce Belly Fat

None of the fad diets or special diets will reduce belly fat. These diets are not capable of melting away that stubborn fat. No wonder it nicely sits on tummy despite munching on such diets. A healthier diet is the key to reduce belly fat. Simple yet a healthy diet plan comprising of all essential nutrients and vitamins has been proved to be extremely helpful in reducing the tummy.

  1. Sit-ups ALONE cannot Reduce Belly Fat

A 100 sit-up session will not really help you reduce belly fat if you don’t focus on exercises that directly target the fat. Sit-ups are only helpful for strengthening muscles!

  1. A Sedentary Lifestyle Piles on all of that Fat

Are you sitting most of the time during the day? If yes, then you need to avoid doing so. Sitting for long hours creates an ideal environment for belly fat to thrive. So make sure you get up every half an hour and move around. You may even stretch to help the body get the movement it deserves. This will help you to fight belly fat.

  1. Stress Adds to the Belly Fat

Stress is a major contributor of obesity. Most people are unaware of this and target their attention in the wrong direction. They alter diet, add fancy items labeled as ‘super foods’, and spend hours in the gym only to see the fat bouncing back. Not taking well-regulated diet and unable to get rid of stress is an open invitation to belly fat.

Stress forces cortisol (a hormone) to cross its normal range. This leads to hunger pangs in brain forcing you to binge eat.

  1. Poor Sleep and No Water gives Way to Belly Fat

Sleeping well means the body gets ample oxygen. Staying up late sends one in sluggish mode and interferes with metabolic rate. This increases hunger pangs. Ample hydration is important when trying to lose belly fat. So make sure you do not compromise on any of these while aiming for a flat belly.

  1. Walk as Far as Possible

Walking is an important for reducing belly fat. Aim at 30 minutes of brisk walk daily for a slimmer waistline and flat belly.  

  1. Add More Citrus Fruits to Your Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

Studies and reports published in women’s fitness magazine have revealed that consuming citrus fruits such as lemon, oranges, and kiwi help reduce belly fat. The vitamin C in these fruits reduces cortisol production in the body.

  1. Omega-3 Oils to Kill Fat

These are healthy fats that inhibit inflammation and reduce levels of cortisol in the body and stress. No stress means no belly fat.

  1. Basil on your Plate throws Fat out of Belly

It really helps to make basil an integral part of most of your recipes. The herb will add to the taste of food but also serves as a healing element that facilitates reducing belly fat. Basil plays a vital role in cutting down cortisol level.

  1. Trust Zinc

Yes, higher zinc intake facilitates lowering cholesterol levels in the body and reduces stress levels to a significant amount. So make sure your diet comprises of a lot of zinc rich foods such as cashews, oysters, pumpkin seeds, beef, spinach and beans.

  1. Eat Chocolates!

This one is dedicated for chocolate lovers. Dark chocolates comprise of very high levels of antioxidants that reduces inflammation and even slows down secretion of cortisol (stress hormones).